Sterile Disconnection Machine for Thermoplastic Pipes

C-Flex® Tube Disconnector - Characteristics and Use

Are you looking for a sterile disconnection machine that allows you to disconnect thermoplastic pipes in a completely sterile way? Discover all the solutions available on the market.

Thermoplastic pipes, for which use?


Thermoplastic pipes are hoses used for sterile processes in the healthcare sector: biotech, pharma and medical industries. Thermoplastic pipes are often made of TPE or “thermoplastic elastomers”. One of the market leaders is the Saint-Gobain C-Flex, specially designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and bio-pharma industries for the treatment of fluids.


Solutions available on the market


Three main solutions for sterile disconnection exist on the market:

  • Plastic stops (with cutting machine): it is a disposable solution where the stops are placed on the pharma pipe after the transfer of fluid. The stops pinch the pipe. A machine, mechanical then cuts the cable for a complete disconnection.
  • Hoses with disconnectable tip: pipes are equipped with a metal disconnection zone. The operator cuts at this level the pipe and at the same time, seals it.
  • Disconnection machine: it is a simple disconnection tool that allows to merge thermoplastic pipes (TPE, C-Flex tubing …). Then, the hose is cut without risk of contamination with a pair of scissors. More info about the C-Flex tubes.

How the Disconnection Machine Works


Specifically designed for use in a clean room to separate a pipe connecting two sterile process equipment, the MGA Technologies machine ensures safe and sterile disconnection.

The C-Flex thermoplastic pipe is placed between two aluminum clamps and is locked in place by a magnet after closing. The operator then starts the process of melting the plastic by pushing a button. This process only takes a few minutes.

The first phase sees the aluminum tongs heated up to reach the melting point of the TPE tubing. A second phase keeps the process warm to secure the pipe fusion and eliminate any potential life forms on the clamps. Then, a vane pump located on the equipment cools the pliers and the pipe down to a safe temperature for the user.

Finally, the electromagnet loosens the jaw so that the operator can easily and safely open it. A final visual check of the fusion is carried out to validate the process and manually cut it with a pair of scissors.

Technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies machine


The technical features of the MGA Technologies thermoplastic pipe disconnecting machine:

  • Equipment suitable for disconnecting new or autoclaved thermoplastic and C-Flex (Saint-Gobain) pipes of ¼ inch, ½ inch or ¾ inch in diameter.
  • Anodized Aluminum Clamp Sets for Format Changes
  • Connection to mains 110/220/230 volts – 50/60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to + 40°C
  • Weight of the disconnecting clip: 2.1 kg, weight of the control box: 3 kg
  • Multi-language interface


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