Stainless-steel Medical Trolley with Trays and Document-holder

Whether in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical or laboratory field, the use of the medical trolley is necessary. A mobile piece of equipment facilitating the work of its user, the medical trolley has a stainless-steel structure, several levels and different equipment. Different configurations can also be available depending on an individual’s need.


Uses of the medical trolley


For the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and medical sectors, the medical trolley offers ergonomics specially designed to facilitate its use. It is a service that allows its user to store, organize and dispose of everything without having to move around unnecessarily.

The stainless-steel medical trolley with trays and document holders offers the advantage of its user saving a significant amount of time. This allows professionals to be more efficient and avoid any inconvenience, making their job easier.

The advantage of this mobile piece of equipment also lies in the different configuration possibilities. As a result, it can be equipped with trays, baskets, side shelves, document-holders, and even electrical outlets, which is the case with the stainless-steel medical trolley manufactured by MGA Technologies.


The stainless-steel medical trolley with MGA Technologies trays and document-holder


As a mobile workstation dedicated to the pharmaceutical and medical field, the MGA Technologies medical trolley has been specially manufactured to suit the ergonomics of its user. It is a product that can be perfectly configured according to the operator’s needs.

This medical trolley has a work surface that can be electrically adjusted in height (from 0.9 m to 1.3 m). Also electrically adjustable, the height of its upper platform can reach 0.4 m. Its configurations can also be customized, always according to its utility.

Equipment such as side shelves, cane, baskets and trays can be placed in an incubator to facilitate its cleaning with no retention area.


The characteristics of the MGA Technologies stainless-steel medical trolley


MGA Technologies has developed a medical trolley with different basic equipment and many options.


Its main characteristics


  • Excellent ergonomics, manoeuvrability and robustness.
  • Easy handling thanks to the telescopic column with IP66
  • A possibility to connect up to 3 electrical devices.
  • Universal fixing areas with clamping bolts.


Its basic equipment


  • Upper equipment: upper tray with a functional surface area of 30 x 40 cm.
  • Middle equipment: space for electrical outlets, document holder.
  • Lower equipment: swivel castors with locking mechanism


The different options


Upper Options Middle Options Lower Options
· 1 or 2 side shelf(s) with a functional surface area of 28 x 28 cm. · 30 cm x 40 cm tray · 60 cm x 40 cm tray
· Storage space · 30 cm x 40 cm basket · 60 cm x 40 cm tray
  · 30/40 cm basket separator · 60/40 cm basket separator


Options for the rod


  • An angled support to add a height of 17 cm with a diameter of 2.7 cm.
    • One or more straight supports to add a height of 46 cm with a diameter of 2.7 cm.

If additional needs arise for their stainless-steel medical trolley with trays and document holder, professionals can add other options by ordering them. MGA Technologies offers them a patented device.

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