Rotary Position Sensors Preforming Tool

Rotary position sensors preforming tool forms and cuts angular sensors to be welded to an electronic circuit. The rotary position sensors collect a signal of the measured angle, so they can detect the position of an element such as, for example, the level of the fork of a forklift.

There are 4 major technologies of rotary position sensors:

  • Potentiometer
  • Resolver
  • Optical encoder
  • Hall effect

An angular position sensor has several applications: it can detect the position of elements, the dimensional control and the motion study.


Angular Position Sensors with Hall Effect Technology

We are interested in position sensors with Hall effect technology, which allows us to measure the variations between magnetic fields. When a conductive element is introduced into an electromagnetic field, a force proportional to the fields and the current is put in place.

The Hall effect sensor then transmits a signal when the magnetic field is detected. It is therefore mainly used as a position or speed sensor.

Hall effect angular sensors are cheaper and more robust than optical encoder sensors.


Rotary Position Sensor Preforming Tool


The preforming tool bends and cuts Hall effect sensors to be able to be welded to electronic circuits.

Two types of machine tools are present on the market:

  1. Manual machine tool: the sensor is bent by the force of the operator via a crank handle. A manual machine is inexpensive and is intended for schools and prototyping machines that require speed or position sensors. The manual machine allows you to understand how to preform sensors so It is a wonderful teaching tool.
  2. Automatic machine tool: it can be easily integrated in a production line and allows a more precise bending and cutting. The automatic machine is flexible and can preform and cut most of angular position sensors. The production rate is multiplied with a minimized waste rate. For example, the MGA Technologies cutting and bending machine can preform up to 900 sensors per hour.


Technical Characteristics of the MGA Technologies Machine Tool

The MGA Technologies machine tool is flexible: it can be configured as shuttle, bucket or conveyor belt. It can be integrated in an automated manufacturing line and can be interconnected with or several other existing machines in your premises.

Technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies preforming tool:

  • Cadence of 900 angular sensors / hour,
  • Power supply: 110V to 230V,
  • Noise level below 70 dB,
  • Bending accuracy: <2 °,
  • Cutting precision: + – 0.1 mm,
  • Preform magnetic and non-magnetic sensors with 3 to 5 pins,
  • Multilingual interface.

Integration in an Assembly Line


The MGA Technologies rotary position sensor preforming tool is flexible, which allows you to integrate it into any production tool.

Indeed, MGA Technologies has been specialized for nearly 40 years in the design, installation and commissioning of custom-made machine tools for the pharma, agri-food, precision engineering, aerospace and automotive sectors.

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