Robotic Cell for Glass Bottle Laser Marking

Production Unit for the Packaging of Pharmaceutical Liquids

A laser marking cell is an efficient way of identifying products produced in an industrial environment.

Pharmaceutical professionals can use it to mark the containers of various products in a protected environment. For industrialists looking for speed, reliability and precision, the use of a laser marking machine is just right.

Advantages of a Laser Marking Cell for Bottles


Not only does the laser marking cell offer reliability and speed, but it also guarantees high marking accuracy in a protected environment. Here are its advantages:

  • High precision marking. The high quality of the precision of the laser marking allows the marked patterns and inscriptions to be read clearly. This guarantees consistent quality results.
  • Durable marking. Laser marking is highly resistant to wear, acid and heat. This process allows for permanent marking.
  • High marking speed. Laser marking is to be included in the list of the fastest marking processes. This results in optimized productivity and reduced operating and manufacturing costs.


A Dedicated Cell for Laser Marking of Bottle Caps


This is a machine for laser marking of aluminum caps on glass bottles. The latter, with a capacity of 3 ml, are then loaded in automatic output crystallizers. The output of this machine is 600 bottles per minute.

A custom-made mechanical system allows the products to be conveyed along the machine. The system consists of 6 notched wheels and 4 augers. An advanced control system controls the 10 synchronized brushless motors that drive the system. This ensures perfect synchronization between each element.

A laser system is used to mark each capsule during the process. The marking area is small: 2 mm (H) x 9 mm (W).

Operators can observe real-time defect and production indicators from a touch-sensitive HMI panel, which also allows them to drive the machine.

The requirements of reliability, performance and important dimensional constraints have been respected in the design of this machine. The strict constraints of the pharmaceutical environment and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) were also taken into account when creating the laser marking cell.


Specificities of the Laser Marking Cell for Vials


Here are the technical characteristics of the machine allowing the laser marking of vials:

  • 10 synchronized brushless motors based on SIMATIC/SINAMICS technology from SIEMENS
  • High performance industrial laser marking
  • Maximum output 600 vials per minute
  • 15′ touch screen HMI panel
  • Latest generation SIEMENS PLC
  • Stainless steel casing

Need a laser marking cell for vials ? Contact the technical team of the company MGA Technologies by filling out the contact form on the website. You can also ask for more precise information about the machine and pricing.

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