Robot Cell Design and Manufacturing

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The manufacture of robotic cells allows industrial companies to integrate robot cells into their production line. Many manufacturers are currently using their expertise in robotics to offer h high productivity gains in many sectors. Robotic cells also allow manufacturers to improve the quality of their products by reducing human errors.


Application of Robotic Cells


In addition to increasing productivity and optimizing product quality, the manufacturing of robotic cells by robotics specialists also allows companies to reduce labour costs (indirect or direct), control the costs of their operations and relieve workers from repetitive tasks by assigning them to value-added positions.

Robotic cells can be integrated into a production line. For example, a robotic cell can be specially designed for mechanical assembly. It can then be installed into a complete assembly line.

MGA Technologies is a specialist in custom-made robotic cell design and manufacturing. Some of the solutions already made by the company include: in-line mechanical assembly cell, electronic sensor assembly cell or cell integrating in a complete glass syringe assembly line.


In-line Mechanical Assembly Cell


An in-line mechanical robotic assembly cell is integrated into a larger production line. It is integrated in as homogeneous equipment with the whole line. The products are picked up by a robot on an upstream conveyor. The various mechanical assembly operations are carried out off-line. Then the parts are replaced on a downstream conveyor.


Electronic Sensor Assembly Cell


Designed in a modular way, the automatic electronic sensor assembly cell allows various configurations. The first station cuts segments from a reel integrated into a cutting tool after straightening. They are positioned on a pallet transfer, forming the backbone of the machine.

Then the sensors are bent to the desired shape by a bending cutting machine. They are prepared and positioned at the intended locations on the pallet where the segment has been placed.

Once assembled, the assembly is oriented and transferred to a laser welding station.

In order to control the quality of the weld,, the pallet is transferred to a 3D vision control station.


Cell Containing a Complete Glass Syringe Assembly Line


It is a machine integrated to a complete automatic glass syringe assembly line. From the upstream machine, the syringes are transferred to a digital linear bucket transfer.

In order to organize the preparation operations on one side of the machine and the fitting operations on the other, a manipulator takes the products and returns them afterwards.

A vibrating bowl distributes a plastic insert on a rotary table where an aluminium cover is thermally welded. Another vibrating bowl distributes the plastic rings. Then, the two parts are pushed onto the syringe barrel.

The manufacture of these robotic cells has been specially designed to integrate the management of product flows in the machine and primary part distribution. These machines minimize the generation of mechanical particles and the reduce of hard-to-clean surfaces. They also have various applications requiring clean design expertise and are designed by MGA Technologies with digital kinematics including a mechatronic and mechanical base.

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