Quick Disconnect Tubing Equipment

The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries use flexible thermoplastic elastomer tubes to connect their various process devices in a completely sterile way. The need to replace these tubes requires their disconnection and connection using dedicated tools. However, this operation cannot be carried out without using equipment designed for quick disconnection of the tubing.


How Does this Tube Disconnection Equipment Work?

This disconnection equipment allows flexible thermoplastic elastomer tubes to be quickly separated. This is a machine specially manufactured to facilitate this operation. It is preferable to use this machine in a clean room to avoid the spread of bacteria in the tubes when they are disconnected. Here’s how this equipment works:

First, the tube is inserted between two clamps by the operator. An electromagnet locks the clamp once it is closed. Then, the operator starts the first phase of the disconnection cycle. This first phase consists in increasing the temperature of the clamps, thanks to a ceramic heating device, until it slightly exceeds the melting point of the tube.

The second phase of the disconnection cycle consists of maintaining the temperature in such a way as to allow the tube to melt and remove any foreign bodies that may be present on both sides of the clamp.

The unit incorporates a vane pump to reduce the temperature level so that the operator can safely handle the tube. The electromagnet releases the clamp opening.

The last step consists of the visual verification of the process which is carried out by the operator. The operator cuts the tube with a pair of scissors once the visual check is complete.


Technical Characteristics of the Quick Disconnect Tubing Equipment

This equipment makes it easy for you to quickly disconnect your tubing equipment, autoclaved or new, of different diameters (1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″). Anodized aluminium jaws/clamps are included with this equipment to allow it to support various formats. It does not require compressed air and connects to the 110V and 220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains supply.

This equipment is specially designed and manufactured by our company, MGA Technologies, to allow you to quickly and aseptically disconnect the thermodynamic elastomer tubes you use.

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