Production Unit for the Packaging of Pharmaceutical Liquids

Production Unit for the Packaging of Pharmaceutical Liquids

A packaging unit must be present in a liquid product production line. This equipment is suitable for companies wishing to develop and/or complete their liquid packaging production line and to improve their production performance.

Generally controlled from a computer or a PLC, or piloted by an operator, the equipment is placed at the end of the production line.

Characteristics of a Pharmaceutical Liquid Packaging Fab


A pharmaceutical liquid packaging production unit is made up of different elements. It has various industrial applications such as in the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Specially designed to operate semi-automatically or automatically, it usually has several peristaltic pumps that can be run individually to fill containers.

Different products can be handled by these pumps, with the possibility of varying the filling rate (single or multiple) and dosages. In addition, the level of production precision is high thanks to the automation of the machine.

The speed, output and automation of the packaging production unit offer users a considerable gain in productivity. If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, the machine must be suitable for use in aseptic areas. This ensures optimum safety when handling products.

It is good to know that the pharma liquid packaging production machine cannot have a specification that can be precisely defined. Each unit is manufactured according to its individual specifications and application. Some machines, for example, are combined with a screwing, capping, labeling or automatic capping station. What pharma liquid packaging production units often have in common is their specific design which facilitates the management of line voids and batch changes, the generation of mechanical particles and their cleaning.


Why do you need a Pharma Liquid Packaging Production Unit?


Many models of pharmaceutical liquid packaging production units are offered by different manufacturers. One of these manufacturers is MGA Technologies, a company that specializes in the creation of special machines. Its engineers have expertise in their own designs thanks to 30 years of collaboration with leaders in the mechanical, biotech, medical and pharmaceutical industries. In the design of each pharmaceutical liquid packaging production unit, the ergonomics and the high level of safety of the operator stations are taken into account.

MGA Technologies manufactures various custom-made machines for the transfer and assembly of sterile or clean products, such as the pharmaceutical filter packaging machine, the pharmaceutical filter transfer machine or the automatic kit preparation line. Numerous production units for packaging pharmaceutical liquids have already been designed and manufactured by the company. The manufacturing of each unit respects the production constraints of the customer in order to meet exactly each of their specific needs. The company’s engineers must also respect the specifications entrusted to them.

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