Production Line Automation

Pharmaceutical Product Packaging Line

For manufacturing industries, the installation of product line automation hardware and software in their production lines is crucial. Tasks such as packaging, distribution, welding and cutting must be carried out automatically to improve the company’s profitability and productivity. The automation of production lines can offer many advantages when its integration is well thought out and mastered.


Benefits of Production Line Automation


The automation of production lines represents a decisive  factor in the productivity and profitability of factories. In addition to the guarantee of controlled and constant product quality, automation is also a considerable advantage for operators. Indeed, it reduces the drudgery of tasks while optimising their added value.

By opting for automation of your production lines, you relieve your operators of tasks that are often iterative and tedious. You also give them more time to optimize the operation of your production line.


Advantages of the Production Line Automation


  • Parts cycle times in your production line are optimized. By making your production line lighter, you can increase its efficiency. In addition, your production rates will be increased thanks to robots that are able to work faster and longer.
  • Production costs are reduced. Automation offers you a quick return on investment, allowing you to offset your initial installation costs. 
  • Saving energy and reducing your waste. The precision of the robots allows them to use the necessary energy, save raw materials and reduce waste treatment by implementing a recovery solution.
  • Space in your production unit is reduced. Integrated machines and equipment for the automation of your production line offer space savings to improve the efficiency of the process flow.
  • Product quality and reliability are improved. All your products have the same quality and are manufactured with unchanged specifications. In an automated production line, tasks are carried out accurately and reproduced identically.

The main advantage of automated production lines is to remain competitive. Indeed, lower production costs and shorter delivery times are the most attractive benefits for your customers. Through automation, you can achieve a clearly advantageous price/performance ratio. Your company can maintain its current situation by increasing profit margins.


Why do you Need for an Integrator for Production Line Automation?


Are you planning to automate your production lines? You need the expertise of a specialized integrator. It offers the best solutions, adapted to all your needs. Calling MGA Technologies, a worldwide line automation integrator, is one of the first steps in the integration of automation in your production line.

Before the study phase and the design phase, MGA Technologies defines with you the functional analysis to answer best your specific requirements. Indeed, you can expose your manufacturing process, your production units or installations, and if you offer to the specialists a space of freedom, they can come up with new ideas and proposals..

MGA Technologies’ teams privilege the consultation with each of its clients so they can deploy a coherent strategy within their production workshops. They integrate the standards that have been defined with you. They can also offer the innovations in the field of the automation of production lines while conceiving the automaton architectures in the respect of your specifications.

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