Position Sensor Preforming Machine Tool

The position sensor preforming machine tool is used to cut and preform position sensors to integrate them into modules and electronic circuits. These sensors, or transistors, are delivered in pack by manufacturers such as: Infineon, Honeywell, Cherry, Tru components, PIC or NXP or individually on reseller sites.


Position sensors – what are they?

The position sensor is a transistor that reacts to the magnetic field. This allows to distinguish movement and position. These non-contact detection sensor require other external elements and can withstand extreme environments for automotive applications.

Position sensors are often used for the detection of multipolar magnets for speed detection, motor switching or position coding. More information about the position sensors.


Preforming machine – how does it work?


The preforming machine is used to cut and bend these position sensors to weld them on electronic modules and circuits. Automated or not, these machine tools are most often used by automotive suppliers where we can find more than a hundred of these sensors in one vehicle.

MGA Technologies cutting and preforming machine


MGA Technologies preforming machine tool has been specifically designed to meet the cutting and bending requirements of pre-weld position sensors. Totally automated, it allows many packed sensors to be preformed while guaranteeing regular cutting and forming.

MGA Technologies, specializes in custom-made machine tools for pharma, biotech and automotive industries, offers a proven machine with an ease of use thanks to modular, scalable and fully interchangeable tools.

Technical characteristics of the preforming machine:

  • Modular preforming up to 3 positions
  • Preforming from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Magnetic components of 3 and 5 legs
  • Compact: H, L, W – 640 mm, 625 mm, 600 mm
  • Cadence: 900 cut and preformed position sensors per hour
  • Noise level: less than 70 dB
  • Preforming accuracy: less than 2 °
  • Cutting accuracy: +- 0.1 mm


The preforming types of the machine:

  • K, KA, KB and KT form
  • SE, SG, SH and SJ form
  • UA form


Why to choose the MGA Technologies preforming machine?


The automatic cutting and preforming machine of MGA Technologies can meet most of your needs. It is fully modular and it allows you to automate and limit position sensor bending waste.

Moreover, this machine tool can be used by all your employees in the world because it has a multi-language interface. It has also a one-year warranty (manufacturer warranty) with a technical team that can easily be reached from the website or by phone.

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