PharmaPure® Tube Sealer

PharmaPure® tubes are specially designed for use on a peristaltic pump. These pumps are generally intended for biotechnological, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications. This type of tubing is widely used for sterile filling, vaccine manufacturing, production filtration and fermentation. When replacing PharmaPure® peristaltic pump tubes, a tube sealer should be used to ensure aseptic disconnection.


Usefulness and Functioning of a PharmaPure® Tube Sealer

The sealer allows the PharmaPure® tubes to be separated from the peristaltic pump while ensuring that there are no germs that can infect the tubes at the time of disconnection. Although PharmaPure® tubes are particularly resistant and significantly reduce production downtime, their replacement may be necessary depending on the process. The use of the disconnector device is therefore very useful.

This device must be used in a clean room for sterile and safe disconnection. It enables the separation of two pieces of equipment connected by a PharmaPure® tube, empty or filled. Through the means of thermo-fusion, the elements that can proliferate inside the tube are destroyed during disconnection.

The tube disconnector has clamps in which the operator inserts the tube to be disconnected. An electromagnet integrated in the device locks the clamp when they close. The operator can then start the disconnection cycle. Note that the disconnection cycle is divided into two phases.

The first phase consists of increasing the temperature of the clamps using a ceramic heating device. The temperature level will slightly exceed the melting point of the tube. The second phase consists of maintaining the temperature level to destroy the external elements present on both sides of the clamp and to secure the fusion of the tube.

The device includes a vane pump that cools the melting process until the temperature level allows the operator to handle the tube safely. The clamps are then released by the electromagnet. The tube is then cut by the operator using a pair of scissors after a visual inspection to ensure that the fusion of the tube is carried out correctly.

Technical Specifications of the Sterile Sealer Manufactured by MGA Tech


The disconnector is suitable for disconnecting autoclaved PharmaPure® tubes. Anodized aluminium clamp sets allow the device to support different formats. Tubes that are 1/4″, 3/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ in diameter are compatible with the device. It does not require compressed air and connects to the 110V and 220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains supply.

The PharmaPure® tube disconnector is designed and manufactured by MGA Technologies. The company specializes in the creation of custom-made machines dedicated to various sectors: automotive, precision mechanics, aeronautics and agri-food. MGA Technologies also designs and manufactures several types of turnkey special equipment for professionals in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

If you would like to contact MGA Technologies, you can do so via its contact form provided to you. The company’s teams of technicians will be happy to answer any requests for information on the PharmaPure® tube Sealer.

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