Pharmaceutical Trolley for Laboratories and R&D

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As a mobile workstation, the pharmaceutical trolley is designed for the pharmaceutical and medical environment. It is specially designed for ease of use. It can be configured depending on your needs. The trolley can be fitted with various equipment: trays, side shelves, supports, baskets.

In addition to facilitating your work, this mobile furniture also has an electrically adjustable work surface, ranging from 0.9 m to 1.3 m in height, with a stainless steel structure. In the field of R&D and in the laboratory, this trolley is very useful.

Pharmaceutical Trolley for Laboratory and R&D


The pharmaceutical trolley is specially made for the medical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical and laboratory fields. Ergonomically designed, it makes your work easier and allows you to arrange, organise and store everything you need close by. Its top shelf can be adjusted in height for a 400 mm stroke.

Using it saves you a lot of time, which means you can avoid unnecessary trips and be more efficient. In addition, its configurations are customisable, depending on your needs: easy access front storage, side shelves, trays, baskets or a multi-height adjustable pole and electrical outlets.

No retention area is required and you can clean it easily. In addition, you can steam the baskets, the side shelves, the cane and the trays.


Main Technical Features of the MGA Technologies Pharmaceutical Trolley


The pharmaceutical trolley we have developed has various basic features and options.

Basic equipment:

  • Upper equipment: upper tray with a 30 x 40 cm functional surface.
  • Intermediate equipment: place for document holder and electrical sockets.
  • Lower equipment: swivel castors with locking system.

Main characteristics:

  • Excellent handling, sturdiness and ergonomics.
  • Telescopic column for easy handling, with IP66 protection.
  • A slot for electrical outlets for up to 3 appliances.
  • Universal fixing areas with clamping nuts.

Rod options

  • An angled support adds 17 cm in height and 2.7 cm in diameter.
  • One or more straight supports add 46 cm in height and 2.7 cm in diameter.

If you have additional requirements for your pharmaceutical laboratory and R&D trolley, you can order them from us. The device we offer is patented. For more information, please receive this brochure. You can also request a customised quote.

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