Pharmaceutical Production Unit Design Manufacturer

Production Unit for the Packaging of Pharmaceutical Liquids

The design of pharmaceutical production units is carried out by a design manufacturer. Before any creation, the latter must have a thorough knowledge of all the various constraints required by the pharmaceutical sector.

These production units must comply with these requirements so that the user company can be sure of optimal production and very high quality.

Pharmaceutical Production Equipment Design Manufacturer


Pharmaceutical production contains various operations that require the design of specific units. These units must meet very strict quality standards in order to ensure that the environment, safety and hygiene are respected.

In order for these units to be designed in compliance with these standards, the designer must have an excellent understanding of the needs expressed by the applicant, and must integrate the constraints of the trade as well as of the process in which the means of production will be inserted. This is the first way of arriving at the most suitable solution to the request. In the machine created, the designer integrates simplicity, technological innovation and analogy. Listening is therefore the first quality that a designer must have. This is how they can have a perfect understanding of the subject so that the design of the unit is a success.

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, robotisation and automation are the best ways to remain competitive in the market. They can opt for a semi-automatic or fully automated production unit. Not only will they have a high-performance machine, but they will also see their production increase significantly.

For the design of efficient pharmaceutical production units, having a specialisation in robotics is a real advantage for the designer. The designer works with the client to develop an approach to robotics and automation that is consistent with the industrial strategy to be implemented on their production site.


What Follows the Design of Pharmaceutical Production Units


Once the design of the pharmaceutical production units has been completed, various stages must be respected before their installation and start-up on site. Indeed, the manufacturing of the machines, their assembly and cabling are the steps that follow the design of the production units. For commissioning, tests must be carried out, particularly on the programmed PLCs. The mechanical adjustments complete this stage.

Only after a simplified or complete FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) has been carried out on the finished machine, and the correct functioning of the machine has been established, can installation and start-up take place. This correct operation is assisted on site by the professional who has been entrusted with the design of pharmaceutical production units. He will bring all the installations online and ensure that they are properly connected. A check is also carried out to ensure that there is no damage. Once the machine has been installed, a SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) protocol can be followed to formalise the final phase of the user company’s project.

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