Pharmaceutical Production Line

A pharmaceutical production line plays an important role in the production of pharmaceutical products. All the operations involved in transforming raw materials into finished products are integrated into pharmaceutical production.

The production as well as the design of the line must meet very strict international, European and national quality standards. This ensures that safety, environmental and hygiene aspects are respected in order to guarantee a high standard of product quality. A production line can be fully or semi-automated.


What is the Purpose of a Pharmaceutical Production Line?


A production line in the pharmaceutical environment includes various needs: distribution, welding, packaging or cutting. Automating the pharmaceutical production line increases productivity and improves the profitability of the company using it. The design of a production line in the pharmaceutical sector requires a greater knowledge of its own designs.

A production line can integrate different lines for the preparation of products and for their packaging and distribution. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is possible to find a packaging line in a production line. This can be placed between two stages of production or at the end of the line.

Different companies, such as us, MGA Technologies, offers various packaging lines. For example, MGA designs and manufactures automatic kit preparation line, pharmaceutical filter transfer machine, pharmaceutical filter packaging machine and many more.

The pharmaceutical filter packaging machine in particular is installed between two production stages. Provisionally, the pharmaceutical filters are packaged from this assembly machine. The filters are automatically stacked by means of a 6-axis robot at the output of the upstream machine.

To a robot cell, a cardboard box equipped with a plastic bag is conveyed by means of a motorized roller conveyor. The bag is placed on the walls of the carton by a manipulator. The box is then oriented to simplify the insertion of the formed stack.

Custom-made machine tools that can be present on a pharmaceutical production line, are developed by MGA Technologies for various solid, powder or liquid products. In some cases, they include a primary packaging step, preparation of the package to be used and its closing.


MGA Technologies in short


MGA Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of various special machines for the transfer and assembly of clean or sterile products. Indeed, hundreds of complete packaging lines have already been made by us for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

It also dedicates its achievements to clients working in the mechanical, medical and biotech sectors. For more than thirty years, MGA Technologies has been working in partnership with leaders in the pharmaceutical, biotech, mechanical and medical industries. For a pharmaceutical production line, MGA integrates robotics and artificial intelligence in its designs.

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