Pharmaceutical Packaging Labelling and Coding

Packaging labelling and coding is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Generally, this operation is carried out at the end of the production line. Thanks to labelling, products can be easily identified. Firms in the pharmaceutical industry can choose between different marking solutions: printing, labelling and laser marking.


Main Marking Systems for Pharmaceutical Packaging


The marking of pharmaceutical packaging is an advantageous system for professionals in the sector. It allows them to reduce operating costs and optimize production time. Most product identification systems can be integrated into a production line and can be used to automate it. Here are the main marking systems used in the pharmaceutical industry:


Printing for Pharmaceutical Products


Pharmaceutical manufacturers can choose to print marking on their packaging. An intelligent production line can perfectly integrate automatic printing because it manages the printing of the products in an autonomous way. Continuous jet printing systems are the most widespread, as they are the most suitable for speed, especially for large production volumes.


Labelling Pharma Products


Labelling is a marking system that consists of applying a self-adhesive label to products or their packaging. However, this product identification solution can be more expensive compared to other marking systems. It should be noted, however, in some environments the label is indispensable, in others it may be a choice.

Artificial intelligence allows the integration of the automatic labelling system into a production line. This solution spares manufacturers from labor shortages and lightens the workload of operators.


Laser Marking Pharmaceutical Products


Laser marking is the most advantageous for industrialists who are looking for fast and reliable identification of their products. This system also guarantees marking with a high quality of precision. Indeed, the inscriptions and patterns marked are visible and legible in a very clear way, with a constant quality.

Laser marking also has a high resistance to heat, wear and acid due to the permanent marking. Furthermore, this marking process for pharmaceutical packaging is one of the fastest. A reduction of manufacturing and operating costs as well as the gain in productivity are its main advantages.


How to Choose a Marking System?


Firms in all sectors (cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.) should have a personalized and unique product identification solution. In order to use the right marking system adapted to its sector, the user company must consider the following criteria:

  • The needs of the operators,
  • The speed and configuration of the production line,
  • The environment,
  • The existing computer system,
  • Production and maintenance costs,
  • The data to be entered,
  • Strict regulations, depending on the sector.

The various designers of pharmaceutical packaging labelling systems can offer fully customized tools. MGA Technologies make machines that can be integrated by the client company’s operators but also our marking system be integrated on an automated line by providing automation, software development and mechanical integration.

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