Pharmaceutical Machinery

Machinery in the pharmaceutical industry helps to protect the integrity of products and avoid all risks of contamination. The installation of a special machine integrating automation is useful for the pharmaceutical industry.

The design of this machine must be well thought out to improve the production, assembly or packaging of products. An increased knowledge of clean environments is also essential for all special machines dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry.


Machine in the Pharmaceutical Industry Usefulness


A machine for the pharmaceutical industry has various applications: research and biotechnology centers, laboratories, packaging and manufacturing workshops. It is generally controlled from a computer station or piloted by an operator. It can be controlled semi-automatically or with the help of a programmable logic controller. A special machine for the pharmaceutical industry must be manufactured to facilitate the management of batch loads, line voids and cleaning of the machine and limit the generation of mechanical particles.

For the manufacture of a pharmaceutical packaging line, it is necessary to have expertise in clean designs. Flow management and distribution of the products to be overpackaged must be included in the machine design. The functional layout of the machine must offer optimal ergonomics and a high level of safety for the operator stations. Particular care is essential with regard to the implementation and distribution of products to protect their integrity, especially in pharmaceutical environments.


Need for Machine Designer for the Pharmaceutical Industry



Many subcontractors design machine tools for industrialists in the pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnological and mechanical sectors, like MGA Technologies. Specialized in the manufacture of special machines, MGA offers, for example, many types of packaging line for the pharmaceutical sector. Among our achievements, we can also mention the automatic line for kit preparation, the packaging machine for pharmaceutical filters.

In particular, the pharmaceutical filter packaging machine is used for the temporary packaging of pharmaceutical filters between 2 production stages. A stack of filters is automatically formed by a 6-axis robot at the output of the upstream machine. On a motorized roller conveyor, a cardboard box with a plastic bag is directed to a robot cell. The bag is placed on the walls of the box with the help of a manipulator. The box is then oriented to facilitate the introduction of the formed stack.

The packaging lines and custom-built machines for the pharmaceutical industry developed by MGA Technologies are designed for different types of solid, liquid or powder products. On some models, the machines include packaging preparation, primary packaging and closing.


About MGA Technologies


Resolutely turned towards the industry of the future, MGA Technologies specializes in the design and realization of special machines. It integrates robotics into its machine designs to offer to our clients in the pharmaceutical industry automatic tools.

MGA, as Frence-based SME, has already developed many complete packaging lines for worldwide clients working in the pharmaceutical industry. Many medical and biotechnological clients have benefited from MGA’s expertise in special machines.

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