Our Methods

The equipment performance lies in good design and execution.

Processes used at MGA Technologies allow our equipment to be adapted to your production needs:

During design phase:

  • Project planning
  • FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) of processes and instruments to ensure optimal reliability
  • SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) to reduce series changeover times
  • Mastering cycle times by developing detailed timing diagrams
  • Elimination of the causes of errors (Poka Yoke)
  • Clean design and easily cleanable products to respect guidelines in pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and recommendations by EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group)
  • Use of Virtual Reality in design journals
  • Validation of the ergonomics by phase of 3D and physical modeling
  • Detailed functional analysis to take into account the intended operating modes of the equipment
  • Risk analysis
  • Integration of the principles of LEAN Manfucturing during the design to optimize flows and times, the elimination of wastes (Muda) and the improvement of Human Machine Interfaces

According to the fundamental principles of KAIZEN, with a determination to always improve, our team offer design improvements at each stage of the process to reach the optimal price performance balance.

Our multidisciplinary team, the richness of its experience and the diversity of the profiles involved in the projects make it possible to apply these methods and to guarantee the design success.

During execution phase:

  • Detailed progress tracking for editing, programming and commissioning
  • Problem solving methods in the development phase
  • Follow-up of GPE5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practices) of the CFR21 part11 from ISPE for the automation of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry and the management of electronic signatures
  • The reception of our equipment follows detailed protocols like FAT type (Factory Acceptance Tests) and SAT (Site Acceptance Tests), which make it possible to ensure conformity to the specifications and URS (User Requirement Specifications)
  • Depending on the case, we can accompany our clients in their installation qualifications: QI/QO
  • Finally we can also assist you in the ramp-up phase of the installation,  training of operators and ongoing maintenance.

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