Thrilled to officially launch the partnership between EDZCOM and M.G.A. Technologies to build the first 5G Private Wireless Network Lab in France dedicated to the Manufacturing and Biopharma Industry!

Big thanks to Vincent Cuvillier, Marc LOVIGHI, Edouard Castellant, Laurent Chanut, Ryan COYNE, Herve de Malliard, Stephane Buttin
et Grégoire de Langautier for making this happen.

EDZCOM is a company of Cellnex Telecom and this 5G network is equiped with Nokia hardware. We cannot wait to demonstrate your use cases and POCs with IoT and mobile robotics at our new MGA TechLab 4.0 in Civrieux d’Azergues (69)!

Meet us in early September at Global Industrie in Lyon!