Today sees the inauguration of the Digital Campus of the Lyon Region by Laurent Wauquiez, Juliette Jarry and a press delegation. The event is set to provide an exceptional impulse for our fantastic ecosystem!

Welcome to SWARM-itc, the region’s first mission-based company, a place of collaborative inspiration for and by manufacturers! Discover the uses of the most remarkable innovations with our experience!

Thanks to the whole team – Visiativ, M.G.A. Technologies, Dassault Systèmes, WAOUP, MomentUP, Agence Fosfor – L’Expérience Phygitale, VR Connection and everyone else who will join us!

The short video below, the Crystalbox, is just one example of the technology on show and demonstrates the advantages of a MGA Technologies sterile disconnector which are essential for the Biopharma sector.