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Are you looking for a laboratory equipment supplier? Professionals in the pharmaceutical industry looking for different equipment for their laboratory can turn to a specialized supplier, such as MGA Technologies. MGA Technologies is a company that has made the manufacture of clean room equipment and special devices its specialty. Their creations are dedicated to industrial applications in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and many other sectors. Explore different creations.


Different laboratory equipment


As a supplier of various types of industrial equipment, including laboratory equipment, MGA Technologies is constantly innovating in order to offer you the best equipment that will allow you to improve your production and ensure the handling of your products in a clean environment. Here are some of his creations:


Vial dynamizer in the laboratory


This medical device is designed and manufactured by the Lyon-based company in collaboration with Laboratoires BOIRON. In your laboratory, you are required to dynamize and emulsify a solution in a bottle.

Can be used in a clean environment, this dynamizer is equipped with a mechanical clamp with which it can hold the bottle. The clamp can make a vertical movement thanks to a motor integrated in the device. The frequency of the movement is defined according to the targeted dynamic modification process.

For the preparation of your various solutions from active ingredients, to stir or dilute, this equipment can be perfectly installed in your laboratory.


Sterile disconnector


You can use this device in clean rooms. It allows you to safely disconnect the type C-Flex® hoses used to connect your process devices. Indeed, the disconnection is perfectly aseptic thanks to the heat sealing which ensures the destruction of all microorganisms that may be present and contaminate the pipes during disconnection.


Sterile connector


With this machine, you can aseptically weld two tubes together. The neutralization of bacteria likely to spread in the tubes is guaranteed by heat sealing. This equipment can be used in a clean environment to ensure a completely sterile connection. The operation can be carried out by operators who are no longer obliged to move to the holding area. In this way, they can gain in productivity.


Other equipment to be used in a clean environment


MGA Technologies also manufactures various small equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. The following equipment is adapted for production in a clean environment:

  • Stainless steel PC consoles in the area.
  • Discharge counting modules equipped with a laser optical barrier cell to differentiate between discharges from a pharmaceutical forming workshop. This way, you can comply with FDA requirements to identify 100% of incoming products at the exit.
  • Sterile hose reels that can be autoclaved because they are made of stainless steel.
  • Peripherals, supports and transitics.
  • Syringe bar loading conveyors.
  • The automatic in-line sampling weighing robot for checking the dosing pumps of a Bausch & Ströbel machine.


Pharmaceutical service


This pharmaceutical service is specially designed for use in medical and pharmaceutical environments. It is a mobile workstation, electronically adjustable, and perfectly configurable by its user. It is accompanied by side shelves, baskets, trays and supports.


Medical trolleys


In collaboration with the Lyon-based design and product development firm DO MED, MGA Technologies has produced a wide range of medical trolleys. These carts are generally used in hospitals to facilitate the task of nurses to distribute medical gases in the rooms.


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