Lab Roller Bottles

Lab Roller Bottles

The laboratory roller mixer is the ideal equipment for cell culture in rolling flasks. Roller flasks are most commonly used for the growth of suspension and adherent cells.

Their main advantage is that they offer a larger cultivable surface than fixed containers. In this article, we will learn about the roller mixer, designed to make work easier.

How the Laboratory Roller Mixer works


The use of the Laboratory Roller Mixer allows you to comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This cell culture device in rolling bottles helps you to avoid any risk of contamination by corrosion. It is integrated in a stainless steel trolley and has a stainless steel frame, which also facilitates its use in clean rooms.

A touch-sensitive LCD display is available for setting the cultivation parameters (time, direction of rotation, speed, etc.).

A built-in battery ensures safe operation in the event of a transfer from one room to another or a power failure. The roller can easily be moved from the filing room to the incubator and back using the large handling bar.


Technical Features


The main technical features of the laboratory roller mixer we offer are as follows

  • Two directions of rotation of the vials (from 0.08 to 2 rpm)
  • 1 hour battery life
  • Resistance to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • 304L stainless steel frame and rollers
  • No retention area for easy cleaning.

The laboratory roller mixer designed by MGA Technologies can have a configurable capacity (number of levels, number of bottles per level, number of bottles per roller).


Other Advantages Offered by MGA Technologies


The trolley integrating the laboratory roller mixer can be designed to meet all your automation requirements. A dimensional control report is provided to ensure that the bottles can be picked up by robots. Furthermore, in order to ensure the follow-up and traceability of your production, we can propose the integration of RFID tags (option).

If you have specific needs for your laboratory roller mixer, we invite you to request a quote from our sales department. For more information on the equipment, a brochure is available.

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