Industrial Robot for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial Robot for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial robots for the pharmaceutical industry are widely used by many pharmaceutical companies. The aim of these manufacturers is to automate their processes while meeting safety, production and hygiene requirements.

Industrial robots also have a great potential of delivering optimal performance, efficiency and product quality.

Role of Robots for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Industrial robots play a crucial role for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. They increase the quality of their production, especially when processes have to meet strict hygiene standards. An industrial robot has its place in the field in many activities thanks to its operational flexibility, whether for moulding, Pick and Place, packaging or assembly, etc.

Pharma manufacturers, who have an industrial robot, use solutions dedicated to their field. Industrial robots can be programmed for precision tasks and safe handling, without the risk of contact with human operators. The robot protects the integrity of pharmaceutical products, it is flexible, fast and requires little space. It is especially useful for various operations: moving components, packaging, etc.

Industrial robots for pharmaceuticals are designed to work with humans. The robot does not require a protective cage which can be very cumbersome. Occupying little space, the industrial robot can be easily integrated into a production line. It can also be reprogrammed and moved quickly to work on another activity. It acts faster and performs better, with less margin for error than a human.

Its presence in the pharmaceutical production process also brings better use of resources, cost-effective productivity while generating less waste.


Regulation of Industrial Robots for Pharmaceuticals


A pharmaceutical industrial robot is designed to work in clean or sterile rooms. Its presence in the pharmaceutical sector allows for improved traceability in the production process. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, it allows them to optimise the achievement of the target set by their customers.

Complex and physical tasks can be performed quickly and repeatedly by the industrial robot, making it more cost-effective. It automates manual tasks, reduces accidents and improves working conditions for operators. These tasks are numerous: assembly of small parts, sterile handling, mixing tasks, palletising of products, packaging, distribution and inspection, calculation, sorting, pipetting… Moreover, everything that the industrial robot does for the pharmacy can be traced and documented very precisely and compared to the classic industrial robot, it is inexpensive

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