Industrial Control and Test Bench

Automated Bench Test Equipment

An industrial test bench is of paramount importance in the development of a product. The testing process is essential in the industrial sector. The use of the control bench is essential to ensure that the product is in perfect condition for industrialization.

The main objective of the control and the tests is to verify the functionalities of the product in its final state and form.

Usefulness of an Industrial Test Bench


An industrial test bench allows the development of a system and to measure its performance. A test bench can be semi-automatic. Its role is to guide an operator in the realization of measurements. However, there is an automatic test bench that performs the test autonomously and directly drives the measuring instruments. The majority of these instruments can be remotely controlled.

The various test scenarios are linked by software which also allows calculations to be made, measurement results to be recorded and a file containing the results to be edited. It is possible to use tools specific to the test bench for the development of this software. In larger companies, the test bench integrates the test strategy, which is deployed for different products and stages of development.

Performing automated testing offers professionals many advantages since manual repetitive tasks can be significantly reduced and errors can be minimized. In addition, test coverage can be increased by automating the operation. The validation cycle is also reduced. This optimizes productivity, which in turn leads to cost savings.

It should be noted that the development of an industrial test bench requires the implementation of many skills (embedded software, mechanics, electronics, etc.).


Choosing the right Industrial Test Bench


The choice of an industrial test bench must be made carefully, because the device must be adapted to the product which is to be industrialized as well as to the desired volumes. Thus, the test benches must be automated for bigger volumes, with a consequent investment. On the other hand, for smaller volumes requiring manual intervention, manual test and control benches are the best option, which requires a more reasonable investment.

Some designers manufacture test benches so that they can be adapted to the increase in volume. It is essential that there is a dialogue between the manufacturer and the customer about the test bench to ensure the industrialization of the product. The manufacture of a product, without a test bench allowing to test all the functionalities of this one, is simply impossible.


Design of an Industrial Test Bench


The elaboration of an industrial test bench must follow precise steps for a flawless industrialization of the product. Thus, various analyses must be carried out upstream: need analysis, functional analysis and value analysis. Standards must also be taken into account in the design of a test bench. During the design of the device, it is necessary to make a dimensioning calculation, a drawing, a simulation and finally the choice of the design.

After the design phase, the device is assembled and a technical file must be written. In order to ensure the quality, adjustments must be made, followed by the marking of the equipment. Users must then be provided with specialized training to ensure that the industrial test bench is exploited to its fullest potential.

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