Hall Switches Bending and Cutting Machine Tool

A Hall switches bending and cutting machine tool is used to preform and cut Hall sensors to be welded to electronic circuits and integrate them into components that measure position and motion speed.

The bending machine tool is an automatic line for companies, R&D agencies that develop new technical solutions or improve production processes. It usually integrates into a semi-automatic or fully automated assembly line to improve its profitability.

Hall Switches Bending Tool Applications

The applications of the Hall switches bending machine include:

  • Modular and specifically manufactured for the preparation of sensors before welding on electronic circuits,
  • The position and speed detection industry makes extensive use of Hall switches.

The aerospace, automotive and precision engineering sectors are using more and more sensors due to an increased interest in automation.

For example, the rise in the level of autonomous driving for the automotive industry is pushing manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to integrate more and more sensors. Automobiles with a level 5 of autonomous driving (the highest) require several hundred position and speed sensors to identify and move in the environment. The automobile is only one of many of the applications of the Hall effect switches.


MGA Technologies Bending and Cutting Machine Tool

The MGA Technologies bending machine, also known as the cutting and bending machine, preforms most of Hall effect switches on the market (sensors with 3 to 5 pins).

It is totally flexible and allows you to integrate it in your assembly line to save space and time. In fact, a single bending machine allows you to prepare up to 900 sensors per hour with an unparalleled accuracy of bending (less than 2 °) and cutting (0.1 mm).


Technical Characteristics


Several configurations are possible: shuttle, seal or single conveyor belt. The device can be interconnected with one or more existing machines and integrated on an automated line. The different technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies bending machine:

  • Cadence of 900 sensors per hour,
  • Power supply from 110V to 230V,
  • Noise level less than 70 dB,
  • Bending accuracy <2 °,
  • Cutting accuracy + – 0.1 mm,
  • Bend and cut magnetic or non-magnetic components from 3 to 5 pins,
  • Multilingual interface for integration on global sites.

Integration in a Production Line


MGA Technologies has specialized for more than 40 years in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-made lines for the pharma, precision mechanics, food processing and automotive industries.

With more than 200 loyal customers and major accounts such as Mitsubishi Electric, PSA Group, Valeo, Michelin, Bel, Saint-Gobain etc., we evaluate all automation needs to effectively improve your industrial tool.

Our Hall switches bender and cutter can be integrated into your production line by automating all parts manufacturing steps. One of our latest application: we have integrated our machine tool into an automatic line of electronic sensor manufacturing.

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