Hall Effect Switches Bending Machine Tool

The Hall effect switches bending machine tool is made to bend and cut the pins of a Hall effect sensor before being weld to an electronic circuit.

Hall Effect Switches

Hall effect switches are elements that detect the presence of magnetic fields. By definition, when we integrate a conductive element in an electromagnetic field, an electromagnetic force proportional to the field and the current appears, it is the Hall effect.

These switches have several applications and are mainly used in the automotive, precision mechanics and aeronautics sectors. They are used as angular position and speed sensor, to determine the direction of rotation of an element, the battery management or the engine control.

The Hall switch therefore sends a signal during the detection of this magnetic field. The voltage is then amplified in the sensor and transmitted to an electronic circuit for analysis.

Characteristics of a Hall Effect Switch:

  • Provides a reliable, compact and fast technique for detecting positioning,
  • Is insensitive to the environment and is protected against polarity inversions,
  • Usually composed of a small plastic case and 3 to 8 pins,
  • Can be omnipolar, unipolar, bipolar.

Several brands dominate the Hall effect switches market such as Texas Instrument, Infineon, Allegro or Honeywell.


Machine for Bending Hall Effect Switches

For an industrial application, Hall effect switches are delivered in strips of several tens or hundreds of components. An equipment can cut and bend in an assembly-line, like the machine of MGA Technologies. Then, the sensors are ready to be welded to electronic circuits.

There are two types of bending machines: manual or automatic. The manual machine is often used for testing or training in institutes and schools, while the automatic mechanical machine is preferred for larger volumes and higher bending quality requirements.


Technical Characteristics of the Machine


The technical characteristics and advantages of the MGA Technologies bending machine:

  • Rate of 900 components / hour,
  • Power supply from 110V to 230V,
  • Noise level below 70 dB,
  • bending accuracy <2 °,
  • Cutting accuracy + – 0.1 mm,
  • Modular, scalable and interchangeable tools,
  • Magnetic or non-magnetic components with 3 to 5 pins,
  • Multilingual interface for use by all your employees.

Automation of your Production Tool


MGA Technologies is specializing in the pharma, precision mechanics and automotive sectors, automates all production, testing and component assembly processes.

With customers such as Valeo, PSA Group, Michelin, Mitsubishi Electric, etc. We have designed, manufactured and installed many production lines such as an automatic line for manufacturing electronic sensors, a high-speed rotating sensor test bench or a bench for the programming and control of effect Hall switches.

Discover a sample of our solutions on this page. To find out more about our machine for bending Hall effect switches, receive a brochure via our form or directly request a quote from our technical team.

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