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The electronic board test bench is a piece of equipment that manufacturers must have at their disposal to put electronic boards into use before they are industrialised. In order to ensure that boards function properly before they are used, particularly when they are stored before being put on the market or used, they must be tested.

The use of the test bench cannot therefore be neglected, especially in the context of critical applications.

The importance of the electronic board test bench

Without the test bench, the manufacture and industrialisation of electronic boards cannot be achieved. The test bench is widely used in industry, which allocates a significant part of the product development budget to investment in automated testing equipment.

A test bench is used to put the electronic boards in a situation to check that each component is functioning correctly. Any faults in the electronic circuit are quickly detected. The testing process ensures that the results are of the highest quality. The advantage of the test bench is that it ensures a high level of production quality for manufacturers, as each product is tested and sorted.

The test bench comes in different levels of automation. For a contained cost, the test bench can be manual. It is a reliable and interesting solution for rapid, low-tech tests and smaller series. However, it requires the intervention of an operator.

On a semi-automatic test bench, the operator must also intervene, but only occasionally. For intermediate series, the equipment allows simple and also complex operations to be carried out.

For an automated test bench, a major design effort is required. For very large series, the tests are fully automated, which makes an automated test bench the best solution for complex and long tests.

MGA Technologies, Test bench manufacturer

MGA Technologies is a Lyon-based company and a pioneer in the design and manufacture of test equipment. The company’s team of engineers and technicians designs, integrates, develops and validates equipment. When modifications are required as your product evolves, the company’s employees take charge of improving the performance of the test bench and adding functions.

The test benches designed and manufactured by the company comply with the applicable guidelines, standards and your specifications. The interface and control electronics, the management software as well as the mechanical aspect of the test bench come from MGA Technologies’ design offices. Ergonomics and safety aspects are given particular attention in the design of the test equipment. You can provide more details about your needs by consulting the company’s engineers.

In addition to the electronic board test bench, MGA Technologies creates and manufactures different types of test benches: sensor test benches, module test benches or a test and control line. MGA Technologies technicians are available to provide you with an estimate for your test equipment. To do so, you can ask for a quote on the electronic board test bench you need.

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