Cutting and Preforming of Strip Components

Generally, the sensors come from manufacturers by rolls or cardboard strips. Before their assembly by soldering on electronic circuits, they must be prepared. Cutting and preforming of the strips is therefore necessary to facilitate their integration into components. Cutting and preforming can be carried out from a machine specially designed to give the strips the necessary shape depending on the use and application of the sensor.

Different Applications of Sensors


Very present in the robotics, automotive, precision mechanics, aeronautics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals sectors due to the development of automation, hall effect sensors can be used as speed or position sensors. They also make it possible to determine the direction of rotation of an element.

Since they are delivered in strip form, they are cut and pre-formed on the line using a special automated machine that allows for regular cutting and forming of superior quality. This step is necessary before the sensors can be soldered to components. They can take various forms depending on their application.

For example, speed and position sensors are widely used by equipment manufacturers and car manufacturers due to the development of self-driving vehicles. The integration of several hundred sensors on a level 5 vehicle is necessary to allow it to move and find its way around the place.


MGA Technologies Strip Component Cutting and Preforming Machine

The component cutting and preforming machine developed by MGA Technologies is specially designed to help companies improve their production processes. It allows preforming and chain-calibrated cutting of cardboard or blister strip components. The modular bending of components from 3 to 5 spindles can go up to 3 positions for a bending from 0° to 90°. The cutting accuracy is +- 0.1 mm and the bending accuracy is less than 2°. In one hour, it can prepare 900 sensors.

This machine has the unique feature of being very compact. This facilitates its integration into a fully automated or semi-automatic assembly line. It therefore allows companies to save a considerable amount of time. It can also be interconnected with several existing machines. Very easy to use, this machine has modular, scalable and interchangeable tools. The device also offers several configuration options: in buckets, as a simple belt conveyor or as a shuttle and its multilingual interface allows integration on various international sites.

About MGA Technologies


For more than 40 years, MGA Technologies has designed, manufactured and installed custom-made machines for the precision engineering, pharmaceutical, automotive and food industries. For the improvement of the industrial tools of more than two hundred customers, including renowned companies, MGA Technologies provides support before and after the completion of their projects. One of MGA Technologies’ achievements is the integration of the component cutting and preforming machine into an automatic line for the manufacture of electronic sensors.

If you would like to know more about the strip component cutting and preforming machine, you can take a brochure via the MGA Technologies website. You can also contact the technical team by phone or email.

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