Custom Machine Tools for Industrial Applications

For more than 35 years in the leading industrial region of France, MGA Technologies has become a reference for the industry of the future. The major players of the industry work with us when standardized machines do not meet their requirements. Thy are attracted by our custom machine tools and assembly lines that are designed from scratch with customer requirements in mind.

We can design our machines based on the customer requirements by analyzing factors such as  the grip, the distribution of primary parts, processes and constraints of the environment in which the machine will be placed.

Most of the machines we design and build are part of the following 5 industrial applications:

Sterile Process Engineering

Design and implementation of applications in sterile environments for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Assembly and Transfer

Design and manufacture of assembly machineries. Integration and updating automated transfer equipment processes.

Control and Testing

Definition, development of tests, and product identification on production processes or laboratory qualification.

Primary Packaging

Study and integration of specific means for the primary packaging of liquid or solid product for biotech, pharmaceutical indutries.

Secondary Packaging

Design and installion of high-end automated solutions for secondary packaging of pre-packaged products and components.

Our solutions are made for all industries but especially for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries. We also work with other industries that have a lot of differentiated products where there are precise and difficult technical requirements. Our machines are mostly installed in the cosmetics, electronics, watchmaking, aerospace, automotive, packaging and mechanical industries.

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