Component Forming and Trimming Tool

A component forming and trimming tool is the best machine for manufacturers that use and/or implement sensors in their products.

This machine module the pins of components before their integration into an electronic circuit. The sector where sensors are mostly used is the automotive industry.

Component Forming and Trimming Machine Advantages

The component forming and trimming machine is indispensable for companies that make products with sensors. However, the components are delivered in cardboard strips, blisters or rolls. Prior to their use, especially on electronic circuits, they must be cut and preformed according to their purpose.

This machine can be automated to offer a significant time saving and optimization of their production. It allows the components to be pre-formed and cut and guarantees regular forming and calibrated trimming.

Designers of component forming and cutting machines, such as MGA Technologies, offer a device that exactly meets the needs of cutting and forming speed/position/counting sensors.

The machine proposed brings a simple use with scalable, interchangeable and modular tools. This very compact tool can be easily integrated on a semi-automatic or fully robotized assembly line. The other advantage of using this machine is its interconnectivity with already installed machines. Moreover, the machine allows many configurations: in buckets, simple belt conveyor, or shuttle.


Technical Specifications

The modular preforming of component pins can reach up to three positions. Preforming can also be from a few degrees to 90 degrees. The components with 3 and 5 pins can be trimmed and formed.

The tool has a forming and cutting speed of 900 components per hour for a preforming accuracy of less than 2 degrees and a cutting accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 millimeter. The preforming types of the component forming and cutting machine are: UA, SE, SH, SG, SJ, KT, KB, KA and K housing.

Why to Choose the Tool Manufactured by MGA Technologies?


Our machine is fully automated in order to meet the majority of industrial needs. The latter can limit the waste of sensor forming. Its use does not require the use of compressed air or other fluids. Its multi-language interface allows an international use.

Being specialized in special machines, MGA also manufactures devices dedicated to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. These include, among others, an aseptic disconnector and connector for thermoplastic tubes.

MGA also specializes in mechanical design, assembly and tuning, robotics, automation and prototyping. All MGA’s clients benefit from dedicated support during their projects.

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