Complete Test Bench – Electronic Design and Development

Complete Test Bench - Electronic Design and Development

The complete test bench is an indispensable tool, allowing a product to be put into use before its industrialisation.

In industry, the test bench must be included in the budget since the test phase is crucial in characterising the product and observing its behaviour.

What is the purpose of the complete test bench?

Without a complete test bench, the manufacturing and industrialization of the product cannot take place. It is a device for measuring the performance of a machined product and for fine-tuning it. The operator carries out the measurements, guided by the semi-automatic test bench. When it is fully automated, the test bench can carry out the test in complete autonomy and at the same time control the measuring instruments directly.

The various test scenarios are linked by a software program from which it is also possible to record the results (of calculations and measurements) and their output in a file. The use of specific tools for the development of the device is possible.

An automatic test bench has many advantages such as the reduction of repetitive manual tasks and limitation of errors, the reduction of validation and the optimisation of productivity and economic gains.

Electronic design and production of a complete test bench

To ensure the industrialisation of a product, the design of the test bench must respect and follow precise procedures. The applicable directives and standards (EN61000, C15-100, EN60204, etc.) must be taken into account in its development. The design calculation, simulation, layout and choice of design are included in the design phase of the device. It must also be designed to accommodate a volume increase. The specific requirements provided in the specification must also be respected when designing the test tool.

Studies on the mechanical and electronic design of the test bench are carried out by the engineers. A technical file is then drawn up. To guarantee the quality of the test bench, it is essential to carry out fine-tuning, as well as repeatability and reproducibility tests. The complete test bench is then marked in order to certify its compliance with the various standards. To make best use of the equipment, the industrialist must be trained on its use.

MGA Technologies builds your complete test bench

Thanks to its collaboration with the pioneers of the medical, mechanical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries for more than thirty years, MGA Technologies has a certain know-how in the field of the design and production of control, test and identification equipment for sterile or clean products. Our engineers also have special skills in physical measurement and computer science, which enables us to offer test benches dedicated to industry for multiple applications.

In the design and manufacture of complete test benches, we take into account the management software, the mechanical aspect of the device, the control and interface electronics in our studies and our achievements. We develop tailor-made test benches, which can be integrated into the habits and environments of the applicants. Our products can be perfectly integrated within an assembly or automated production line.

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