Custom Clean Room Equipment

Custom Clean Room Equipment

In collaboration for many years with pharmaceutical and biotech industries, MGA Technologies has developed equipment used in clean rooms production.

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A few custom and small series projects for pharmaceutical industry:

  • Stainless steel rolling trollers for clean flexibles
  • Modules to count waste products equiped with an optical cell to differentiate waste in pharmaceutical workshop in order to conform to FDA guidelines asking to trace 100% of all incoming products into finished products or waste
  • Stainless steel stations for computers in clean rooms
  • Surrounding equipment and supports 
  • Loading conveyors for bars and/or matrix of syringes
  • Weighing robots in line for automatic sampling to check dosing pumps on Bausch & Ströbel machine and data recording on SQL server base


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Examples of custom-made and small series projects for pharmaceutical industry

Medical Trolleys

These trolleys are used in hospitals and clinics to distribute medical gases to patient rooms. Two trolleys, for one or two medical gas bottles.

Bottle Dynamisers

The dynamiser is equiped with a mechanical pair of pliers holding the flask. the pair of pliers is dynamised by a motor.

Robot Prototyping

Many prototypes have been developed by MGA for various applications: clean room equipment for pharmaceutical applications…