Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Custom-made Machine Tools

A custom-made machine tool, whether dedicated to the biotechnology or pharma, is created for sterile processes. Unlike traditional standard machine tool, it is distinguished by its specificity and technical originality. Generally, it is manufactured as a single once-off tool in order to meet specific assembly, test, manufacturing, packaging or distribution needs for specific products. Tailor-made machine tools can be semi-automated or fully automated.


Custom-made Machine Tool Usefulness


The aim of designing a custom-made machine tools for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals  is to limit manual handling and simplify handling. Risks of errors or contaminations are reduced or even brought down to zero.

The tool is also designed to allow the realization of one or more specific actions on parts for their future treatment: tests, controls, cuts, gluing, sanding, punching, assembly etc.

Tailor-made machine tools allow companies benefit in terms of cost, efficiency, productivity and time gains. Being specially made for a single purpose, it helps production management.


Custom-made Machine Tool Operation


A tailor-made machine tool that meets to a particular requirement in a specific context is generally created to perform precision mechanical and general mechanical tasks. However, its design brings together different expertise in different industrial fields: automation, robotics, mechanics, electricity, pneumatics…

There are as many custom-made machines as many as there are requirements. These machine tools can be used in many industries (food, automotive, biotechnology, pharma, aeronautics etc.).

Tailor-made, unique, reliable and solid; tailor-made machine tools are suitable for handling various products that require special treatment.

As part of a sterile process in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, different types of machines are produced, such as the automatic stripper – harvester line for the manufacture of influenza vaccines, a machine dedicated to the impregnation of a liquid pharmaceutical process or an automatic tailor-made homeopathic dilution machine. These examples of custom machines have already been designed and produced by MGA Technologies.

The applications encountered by MGA are varied, from dilution to impregnation through the mixing or dosing of sterile products (liquids or solids) to the collection of primary process liquids as well as the assembly of sterile parts in a clean environment.


The design of special machines by MGA Technologies


MGA Technologies has developed specific know-how in the design and manufacture of custom-made machine tools dedicated to sterile biotechnological and pharmaceutical process applications. The company has been in constant contact with pioneers in the medical, mechanical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries for more than thirty years.

Now, machines manufactured by MGA Technologies integrate collaborative robotics enabling another way of producing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The company also provides solutions for specific applications, taking care of the integration of specific constraints related to the process or new technology integration for sterile processes.

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