Automatic Tray Unloader

Automatic Tray Unloader

The automatic tray unloader is a special machine for distributing trays in stacks, batch by batch or one by one. It is particularly suitable for different products such as trays, boxes, or bowls. This machine can save a lot of time for operators. To allow destacking, the machine is generally equipped with a system of worm wheels.

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It is a machine that destacks the trays one-to-one. It is mainly intended for large restaurants.

  • 304L stainless steel machine tool
  • Dimensions: Height 1194 mm / Depth: 660 mm.
  • Tray output rate: 20 /mn
  • Curb weight: 180 kg
  • Jet blasting. Designed to have no retention point.
  • Works with all types of trays
  • Capacity of tray trolleys: 80 to 160 trays
  • Locking system for integrated shelf trolleys
  • 110V / 220V Power supply

Automatic Tray Unloader Uses


An automatic tray unstacker is the best solution for professionals who are looking for a hygienic and efficient way to separate trays. Generally, these types of machines are semi-automatic or fully automatic in order to minimise the intervention of an operator.

Some models incorporate a suction cup system, with electric or pneumatic lifting. Also, they can be equipped with an infeed conveyor for stack removal or retrieval, depending on the needs communicated to the manufacturer.

These special machines can have different finishes, but the most common are: stainless steel, painted steel or aluminium. In the case of automatic machine tools, their management can be robotised.

Manufacturers can design a customized automatic tray unloader that has the advantage of combining precision, performance, robustness and ease of use. It is a machine tool that can be integrated into a production line and communicate with other devices already installed to meet specific needs.


Automatic Tray Unloader Application


A tray unloader can be used by professionals working in different sectors: logistics, food processing or transport. In the logistics sector, for example, some models of unstacker can be used to unfold pallets or stack them. This makes it possible to store or remove large quantities of pallets quickly and automatically. The machine can be used horizontally or vertically.

Different types of tray unloaders are offered by manufacturers specialising in industrial mechanics. Thus, it is possible to find on the market tray unloaders, jar unstackers and many others.


Needs for Tray Unstackers


Once a customized project has been presented to manufacturers, specialists  are able to develop a tailor-made tray unstacker that meets their specific expectations. Each manufacturer must, moreover, respect the specifications in order to provide professionals with a tray unstacker that can be integrated into their production line.

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