Automatic Cutting and Preforming of Components

The automatic cutting and preforming of components is essential, especially when they are delivered in strips or cardboard rolls. Their preparation is necessary before they are assembled on electronic circuits. This operation is carried out using a special machine.

This preparation allows you to give the pins the desired shape depending on the application and utility of the sensor.

The Different Uses of the Sensors

Widely used in the field of precision mechanics, biotechnology, aeronautics, robotics, pharmaceuticals for the development of automation, hall effect sensors serve as position and speed sensors. They are also necessary to determine the direction of rotation of an element.

As they are supplied in strips, their passage through this machine is essential before they can be integrated into components. In this way, they can take various forms.

Due to the development of autonomous vehicles, car manufacturers and equipment manufacturers are using position and speed sensors. For example, to enable a level 5 vehicle to locate and move around in an environment, hundreds of sensors are integrated.


The Automatic Cutting and Preforming Machine for Components

The MGA Technologies machine for automatic cutting and preforming of components is suitable for companies wishing to improve their production and make it more efficient. Blister or cardboard strip components can be preformed with a calibrated cut, with this being done, in a chain fashion.

Modular, the bending of the components (from 3 to 5 spindles) can go up to three positions with a bending from 0 to 90°. As for the bending accuracy, it is less than 2°. The cutting time is +- 0.1 mm. 900 sensors can be prepared in one hour thanks to this special machine. This saves you a lot of time.

Very compact, this machine can be easily integrated into your semi-automatic or fully automated assembly line. It can, moreover, be interconnected with one or more existing machines.

The tools of this machine are scalable, modular and fully interchangeable, making it easy to use. Several configuration options are also possible: in a simple belt conveyor, in buckets or in a shuttle. To allow you to integrate it into your various international sites, it has a multilingual interface.

The MGA Technologies Enterprise


This Lyon-based company has been designing, manufacturing and installing various tailor-made machines for more than forty years. Its products are intended for the pharmaceutical, agri-food, automotive and precision engineering industries. More than two hundred customers have already trusted the company to improve their industrial tools with tailor-made solutions.

The integration of the component cutting and preforming machine into an automatic line to manufacture electronic sensors is one of its achievements.

We provide you with a form to fill in if you plan to use the automatic cutting and preforming machine for components. Our technical teams can also be reached by email or telephone.

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