Assembly Line Installation and Commissioning

The commissioning process starts after assembly and cabling of the machine. After the performance targets are reached, MAG starts the on-site factory acceptance protocol with the client. The the equipment is delivered, installed and started on site.

Tests and Commissioning

In the first place, a power-up is operated after a general conformity check with design specifications, for example, electrical diagrams. Then the automation engineer executes I/O test sequences on each sensor, each actuator, and all hardware connected to the machine. The PLC program then starts the debugging  phase. In parallel, the trimmer finalizes any alterations and starts the mechanical adjustment of the machine.

Acceptance in Workshop

By following a protocol jointly developed and agreed in advance, using the standard methods used in the pharmaceutical industry: a complete or simplified FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) is carried out on the finished equipment. After the joint confirmation of the correct functioning and performance of the machine, the installation is delivered to the production site.

Installation and Start-up on Site

The installation and the on-site start-up consists of correct positioning, putting on line, and connection to your installation, and  verifying that the equipment has not suffered damage during transport. The final settings and adjustments are then made. A Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) protocol may be followed to formalize this final phase of the project. Then depending on your requirements, additional services may be provided.

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