Sterile TPE Tubing Sealer

A sterile TPE Tubing sealer is used to completely unplug TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing. This tool is widely used in biotech and pharmaceutical industries because it allows to cut a hose in two while preventing external elements can penetrate and proliferate inside tanks or other pockets of liquids.


Tubing Sealer Solutions in the Market


A sterile TPE tubing sealer is a very useful tool which enables a flexible TPE to be disconnected while maintaining the sterility of the process. Sterile TPE tubing sealers are particularly useful in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries as they enable flexible TPE’s to be cut in two, thereby preventing external elements from entering and proliferating inside vats or in pockets of liquid.


Thermoplastic tubing (TPE tubing) is used in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical sectors for the transfer of fluids between two or more sterile processes or for drug production.


The simplest solution for disconnecting TPE tubing is via fusion which exploits the properties of the tube itself. This fusion can be carried out using small pieces of equipment which are normally used in laboratories to transfer fluids between several processes while still guaranteeing perfect sterility.


Different TPE Tubing Available On The Market


Many companies manufacture TPE tubes. However, the 5 major brands operating in the sector are the following:

  • C-Flex tubes: the French company Saint-Gobain manufactures C-Flex brand TPE tubing. The brand specializes in hoses designed for single-use fluid handling for applications in the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • PharMed tubes: the Saint-Gobain Group produces PharMed branded tubes.
  • AdvantaFlex tubes: The AdvantaPure Group has created the AdvantaFlex brand. The tubes can be used for the transfer and treatment of fluids for biotechnology and pharma.
  • SaniPure tubes: SaniPure tubes, a Saint-Gobain Group brand, are used for the transfer of sensitive biological fluids.
  • PharmaPure tubes: the Saint-Gobain group has also created the PharmaPure brand. This is a brand of high-end tubes for biologically compatible peristaltic pumps. PharmaPure tubes are developed for biotech, pharma and laboratories.

Sterile TPE sealers can be single use or multi-use tools depending on the design and, naturally, each manufacturer brings its own technology to bear in the design.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each solution:

  • Single-use sealing equipment: small stops are most commonly integrated in pharmaceutical tubing. The disconnection between the two cables therefore forces you to buy the tubing from the manufacturers, or, when it is possible to add them on third-party tubing, to buy a large number of small connectors – hard plastic disconnectors.
    • The advantage with this solution is that you do not need a mains-powered machine to install and connect two cables, as well as disconnect them.
    • On the other hand, the disadvantages are many: significant risk of contamination if poorly connected / disconnected, dependence of the manufacturer with constant orders of stops, therefore non-ecological.
  • Multi-purpose sealer: the machine, which weights a few kilograms, fits around the pharma tubing and then decompresses the tubing between two clamps, then increases the temperature to fuse the TPE tubing and destroy any possibility of bacterial proliferation. After 2, 3 minutes, the tube can be disconnected.
    • The only disadvantage: it is the use TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) tubing or other compatible with the rise in temperature and fusion such as the C-Flex tubing from Saint-Gobain.
    • The advantages are multiple: less dependent on the manufacturer (differentiation between the manufacturer of the machine and the tubing supplier), cost reduction (no need to use a new component for each use), waste reduction.

More info about the TPE tubing.

MGA Technologies Sterile TPE Tubing Sealer


The MGA Technologies sterile tubing sealer allows TPE tubing to be disconnected from sterile process equipment by pressing them into a clamp. This machine has been specially designed to be used in a clean room or a clean environment and to enable filled or empty tubing to be disconnected. An electromagnet locks the closure securely and completely aseptically.

The different phases of use of the device:

  • Stage 1: the agent deposits the tubing between the two clamps and closes the tool,
  • Stage 2: the sealer sets itself up to the melting point,
  • Stage 3: the machine is kept at temperature for a few seconds to guarantee the fusion of the cable and to destroy any possibility of a microbial development,
  • Stage 4: the vane pump then cools the tube until it reaches a temperature that is safe to handle,
  • Stage 5: the agent then releases the clamps of the pipe and after verification of the realization, it is disconnected simply with a pair of scissors.


Technical Specifications of the MGA Technologies sealer


The technical characteristics of the MGA Technologies flexible sealer:

  • Suitable for disconnecting new or autoclaved TPE tubes (thermoplastic elastomers) such as C-Flex tubes,
  • Hoses of diameters: 1/4 “, 1/2” and 3/4 “,
  • Usable on current 110 / 220/230 volts – 50 / 60Hz.

Several aluminum clamps are delivered with the machine for different tubing diameters.

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