Just after presenting its new heavy load palletizers for 300 and 470kg, KUKA introduces a new range of palletizers 120-180-240kg.

As for heavy carriers,the old-style 4-axis parallelogram has been changed to a 5-axis robot. With 27 cycles per minute (cycle ISO : 400mm + 2000mm + 400mm) and a load of 180kg, these robots are the fastest available on the market. With a long range of 3200mm it can palletize up to 4 pallets simultaneously. All these robots are equipped with a hollow wrist (diam. 60mm) for a simple access to the gripper. They can be programmed offline thanks to Flex_Pal software allowing to create or modify palletization mapping on PC in real time, without production interruption.

More about KUKA Roboter

The company KUKA Roboter GmbH, incorporated in Augsburg in Germany, belongs to the group KUKA AG. It is considered as the leading supplier to industrial robots worldwide. Key core competencies are development, production and sales of industrial robots, and their programming software. The company is leader in Germany and in Europe, and third on a worldwide basis. The KUKA Robot Group employs around 2300 people in the world, from which 1100 are located in Augsburg, Germany. In 2010, a turnover of 486,2 millions euros has been reached. Thge company has 25 subsidiaries in the most important markets in Europe, in the United States of America and in Asia.