Developing Upstream and downstream services

The integator of special machinery for the industry develops upstream and downstream servives aiming for a sustainable growth. “Machines we design and build for global pharmaceutical and medical companies are mostly integrated in LEAN management projects. Their goals are: automate functions, productivity gain, increase performances, improve labor conditions, reduce health issues and operators pains and make processes more reliable.”

“We sustain three main axis of development, emphasizes Hervé de Malliard, the Chairman. Support on increasingly complex and technical projects. Pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, precision mechanics and energy manufacturers have dynamic investment policies in this area. The second axis is about developing upstream and downstream services around our core machine integration business. We propose pre-studies, services for writing User Requirement Specifications, revamping, upgrades and relocation of existing production lines, prototyping new functions, and also training, ramp-up and maintenance on existing equipments. Last but not least, MGA Technologies continues to develop small series of equipment for clean rooms and clean environment mainly aimed for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical applications for industrial companies, laboratories and hospitals.”

Our international development will also grow the company, thanks to the wide international experience of Hervé de Malliard, who also is French Foreign Trade Advisor, (Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France), and who has lived and worked in China for 5 years and the U.K. for 2 years. “We will continue our international momentum by offering to support our key account customers in their subsidiaries to help them master their overall industrial strategy.”

Extracts from an article published in “Journal des Entreprises”, September 2011.