Modular Stainless Steel Treatment Trolley

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The modular treatment trolley is usually made of stainless steel. It is a mobile workstation, mounted on castors, and it is used in the pharmaceutical, medical, hospital, biotechnology and laboratory fields.

This device is mobile, configurable, ergonomic and also practical and facilitates the work of its user. It allows the organization and storage of documents, utensils and medical equipment for easy access.


Stainless Steel Treatment Trolley: What Is It Used For?


The modular treatment trolley has a stainless steel structure to guarantee its robustness. With several storage levels and different equipment, it is also adjustable in height from 0.9 m to 1.3 m. It offers different configurations that can be customised according to the operator’s needs, and comes with various equipment: trays, side shelves, baskets, supports, document holders. The cane, trays, side shelves and baskets can be put in an oven for easy cleaning, without any retention area.

Being a modular piece of furniture, the stainless steel care trolley is a service used by many health professionals. There is an electrically adjustable top tray to allow a 40 cm stroke.

Its swivel castors make it easy to move. This saves time so professionals can be more efficient, without having to move everything at each intervention.

Many models of modular stainless steel care trolleys are available on the market, with different configurations. This way, each professional in any sector that uses them can have the model that is best suited to their specific requirements.

The stainless steel modular treatment trolley made by MGA Technologies has, for example, storage, trays, document holders, supports and side shelves. In addition, it can accommodate one or more electrical medical equipment such as an ECG, thanks to the integrated power sockets.


Special Features of the Treatment Trolley from MGA Technologies


MGA Technologies has designed the modular stainless steel treatment trolley with the following specifications:

  • Universal fixing areas and clamping nuts;
  • 3 electrical appliances that can be connected to the trolley;
  • Manageable, ergonomic and robust: this trolley offers easy and durable use;
  • Easy handling thanks to the telescopic column with IP66 protection.


Basic Equipment


  • Upper area: 1 top tray with a functional area of 30 × 40 cm.
  • Middle area: 1 document holder, 1 power strip;
  • Bottom area: 4 swivel castors, with locking system.


Generic Options


Upper Options

Intermediate Options

Lower Options

  • 1 or 2 side shelf(s) with functional surface (28 x 28 cm).
  • Front storage.
  • Tray (30 x 40 cm)
  • Basket (30 x 40 cm)
  • Basket dividers of 30 cm or 40 cm.
  • Tray (60 x 40 cm)
  • Basket (60 x 40 cm)
  • Basket dividers of 40 cm


Options for Rods


  • An angled support for adding a height of 17 cm and a diameter of 2.7 cm.
  • One or more straight support(s) to add a height of 46 cm and a diameter of 2.7 cm.

If you have additional needs, MGA Technologies can make customized options for your modular stainless steel care trolley. This stainless steel trolley is patented.

To learn more about the stainless steel and modular treatment trolley, ask for its brochure or a personalized quote.

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