Dispensing Machine for Diagnostic Tubes

Dispensing Machine for Diagnostic Tubes

Recently one of our clients wanted to automate their SARS-COV-2 diagnostic tube production line to increase their manufacturing capacity while reducing costs.

This custom-made machine does automatic packaging of tubes packed in batches of 100. The tubes are filled, capped and made available to an operator via racks for transfer to a storage area.

Technical characteristics of the diagnostic tube manufacturing machine:

  • Packing 100 cap bags;
  • Output: 1,000 pieces / hour;
  • Filling accuracy: ±0.3%;
  • Elements integrated in a 304l stainless steel frame;
  • UV disinfection;
  • PLC SIEMENS S7-1500;
  • STAUBLI SCARA TS2-40 robot;
  • Hamilton microlab 600 diluter.

The automatic handling of the products is carried out by a STAUBLI robot equipped with a gripping hand. The robot’s operating steps are the following:

  • Picking up a filled tube with the gripper in the separator positioned at the end of the vibrating rail;
  • Transferring the full tube to the screwing station;
  • Positioning the tube under the screwing station;
  • Once the cap has been screwed on, the tube is placed in one of the 3 racks waiting to be filled.

The machine complies with the 2006/42/CE machine directive.

MGA Technologies took charge of writing the FAT/SAT protocols. The FAT tests were carried out with the customer’s teams who were trained in the process. It was then delivered to the customer’s site and put into operation by MGA Technologies technicians. The SAT tests on the machine were carried out by the customer with one of our technicians.

Do you have a diagnostic tube packaging project? Contact our technical teams for a personalised quote.

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