Saint-Gobain C-Flex Sealer

MGA Technologies offers an official Saint-Gobain C-Flex sealer, preferred for its use of single-use flexibles to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in sterile process equipment.

The MGA Technologies C-Flex sealer reduces your costs, disconnects all TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubes thanks to the 100% secure flexible fusion effortlessly for all your employees.


Saint-Gobain C-Flex Hoses

The Saint-Gobain C-Flex hose is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tube that is made for the medical, pharmaceutical, research and biotechnology sectors.

Today there are many formats and types of C-Flex tubes to meet all needs for a completely sterile application. They are specially designed for use in a clean room environment.

Saint-Gobain C-Flex tubes are among the hoses most used in the fields of pharma, medical and biotech. Its applications are multiplied and allow single-use uses for a reinforced sterile process. The different applications are:

  • Sterile sealing disconnection
  • Sterile welding connection
  • Ideal for single-use assembly
  • Buffers and media preparation
  • Cell culture operation
  • Purification operation
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Manufacturing in the biopharma sector
  • Single-use transfer of fluids
  • Hoses and tubing
  • Laboratory in R & D
  • High-purity water system


MGA Technologies C-Flex Sealer

The MGA Technologies sealer has been specifically designed to disconnect Saint-Gobain C-Flex tubing. In close collaboration for the design of its pharmaceutical tubing welding connector, the C-Flex tubing sealing machine allows you to safely disconnect your sterile process equipment and reduce your costs.


How does the C-Flex Sealer Work?


The machine seals pharmaceutical thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubes, such as Saint-Gobain tubing, by pressing them between two clamps and heating them to merge them. The different phases of use of the tool:

  1. The operator leaves the tube between the two clamps and closes it,
  2. By pressing the “START” button, the device locks the clamps with an electromagnet and the clamps heat up to the melting point of the tubing,
  3. A temperature keeping phase is performed to fuse the tube and destroy any possibility of development of bacteria in the pipes,
  4. After a few minutes, a vane pump (included in the sealer) starts to cool the zone to a temperature that is safe for the person handling the flexible and the machine,
  5. The operator can then free the pipe between the two clamps without any problem and after visual verification of the fusion, cut the flexible with a pair of scissors.


Advantages of the MGA Technologies Sealer


The use of single-use tubes for the pharmaceutical industry is strongly recommended to avoid any risk of bacteria proliferation in sterile process equipment. Using flexibles that can be merged to be disconnected is a guarantee of medical and pharmaceutical safety.

Advantages of the MGA Technologies machine:

  • A long-term investment: the sealer is adaptable to several brands of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) flexible. You do not have to use C-Flex tubes, other brands of tubes, like Advantaflex can be sealed,
  • Cost savings and ease of use: you do not need to buy pins or proprietary connectors for the use of pharmaceutical tubing sealer. Pinch the flexible with the machine, it merges it and you just have to disconnect it by cutting it with a pair of scissors.

Several aluminum accessories are supplied with the machine to seal the desired C-Flex tube diameters. Download a brochure of the MGA Technologies sealer via our form or get in touch directly with our technical team for a quotation and learn more about the product.

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MGA Technologies designs and manufactures tailored-made machines for the pharma industry and the medical sector, offers machine tools to meet all your constraints.

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